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Success story Port of Barranquilla

Thanks to our performance as a communications and contact center in the region, we managed to get a company like the port of Barranquilla to entrust its databases, one of its most precious assets, to us; surpassing call center companies that were local and that one would think could more easily have these accounts due to their size in terms of jobs. Precisely, our differential in being a "boutique" omnichannel contact center makes our clients feel free to design their contact and communications strategies, relying on our professional staff selection process and our technological infrastructure that maintains the information. in a safe way.

The objective of this project was to update the database of the main and most valued clients of the Port, in order to gather the information and the basic input for the implementation of electronic invoicing, which companies must adopt by law. The task was carried out after 45 calendar days and with an effectiveness result of 70% based on the data provided to contact.

Services offered: Data base update


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