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Success story WIDER CIRCLE

It is our most emblematic client thanks to the relationship that we have strengthened and the growth that we have obtained, thanks to its organizational mission, the dynamics of the operation and the commitment to technology and improvement of processes that they promulgate.

WIDER CIRCLE Works with the most recognized insurance companies in the United States, serving the needs of thousands of elderly in the State of California.

Throughout a year and a half of work, we have consolidated, with our technology and our human resources, three major WIDER CIRCLE processes. The first of them is CONNECT FOR LIFE or in Spanish JUNTOS CONVIVIMOS, whose purpose is to invite all older adults who are members of insurance companies to participate in very fun meetings, in which they break the routine and learn more about how to enjoy life. golden age, preventing physical or mental illnesses, product of abandonment or loneliness. Our mission is to convince the elderly, through our professionals in social work and psychology, to participate in these activities. However, beyond the invitation, in our professionals they find a call for support and hope based on their knowledge of treating vulnerable populations. The second process that we carry out is known as HOME VISIT. This process seeks to welcome new insurance members, explaining in detail all the benefits to which they are entitled as part of the insurance and clarifying all concerns about their health service. It is carried out through visits that can be arranged in the member's home or in a public place near the member's home. Our task is to establish the first approach with the member and create the bond of trust so that the facilitator is received at home. Likewise, we organize the facilitator's agenda and geo-reference the appointments, in order to be more efficient. We are in direct contact with the facilitator and respond immediately to changes in the agenda coming from the member or the facilitator. Our third major process is the product of the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, which has caused many of the processes of companies around the world to seek new ways of operating and being equally productive and efficient. For this reason, WIDER CIRCLE, together with insurance companies, launched medical monitoring and humanitarian aid plans, which will keep its members safe, who, in short, are more prone to the effects of the virus. These accompaniment processes have been divided into three campaigns; Diagnosis of needs to face quarantine, friendly call or BUDDY CALL and Interaction call.

In the first campaign, we contact the member and do a questionnaire that gives us enough information about the closeness to which the member may have been exposed to the virus. In the same way, we manage to perceive the food need if you have it, to later send food and/or manage medicines. In the second campaign, we make a weekly support call, which seeks to provide members with a friendly and encouraging voice to cope with the quarantine. And in the third campaign, we seek to ratify the management of aid for members and invite them to virtual activities related to the virus or distracting issues that serve to cope with isolation. As a transversal and very important work to highlight, is the integration of our communications platform (Genesys Pure Cloud) with the WIDER CIRCLE information system. This integration is functional for all campaigns and services that we provide to the company and complies with all security protocols in systems and medical information.

We are currently developing the care and accompaniment center project for the members of WIDER CIRCLE through different communication channels. These campaigns are known as Inbound. Services offered: Scheduling and invitation to meetings with a focus on prevention in health, with focus groups in vulnerable conditions (bilingual). Confirmation of attendance at events. Management of follow-up appointments and after-sales accompaniment of medical insurance (bilingual). Confirmation of appointments (HOME VISIT). Professional accompaniment to focus groups in vulnerable conditions (bilingual). Management of logistics activities in the context of the contingency of the pandemic due to COVID-19 (Bilingual). Professional accompaniment (friendly call) in the framework of the pandemic due to COVID-19 (Bilingual). Human resource management and campaigns operating outside the country. Technological integration of systems. Data analysis and reporting.


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