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MEDIHELP success story

The Medihelp Clinic has been one of our great allies in the search to promote differential health services. From our company we have virtualized with 360 vision, medical processes that in past years, were only thought possible in physical facilities. We started with appointment scheduling/appointment central, which allowed us to understand the daily flow of interactions in the institutional architecture of a clinic; With this, we were able to design the virtualization of processes such as: pre-surgical instructions, infectious monitoring of the operative site (ISO) and monitoring of the first 48 hours after discharge. As a result, we enabled our client to reduce infrastructure costs and be more efficient in the care and post-procedure follow-up of their patients. Thanks to these experiences and the improvement of the aforementioned processes, we have managed to increase the trust of our patients and our clients, gradually increasing our services for other missionary and administrative processes of the clinic. Examples of this are the PQRS user service and reception lines, patient guidance line, immediate medical assistance line, virtual medical consultation (TELEMEDICINE), home consultation line, virtual screening, among others.

Data: According to the records of satisfaction surveys, a process that we also implement at BIS, on average, we can contact 1,500 patients on a monthly basis, who visit the clinic for one or more clinical procedures. Services offered:

Appointment center management Patient satisfaction surveys in services: surgery, outpatient, laboratory, imaging/diagnosis, hospitalization. Monitoring of epidemiological programs. Monitoring of the surgical site infection program (ISO). Consultation of pre-surgical instructions. Telemedicine. Patient guidance lines. Attention to requests, complaints and claims of its users. Immediate assistance lines and consultation at home.


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